Early intervention in psychosis

Supporting workforce development in this specialist area

Early intervention in psychosis services are set up to provide intensive support, as early as possible, for people who may be experiencing psychosis for the first time. Early intervention clinicians aim to provide recovery centred, collaborative support which may range from talking therapy, group work, medication, psychoeducation and family work. The research suggests that people who receive this type of specialist service recover faster, experience more complete recovery, and have lower rates of relapse and hospital admissions.

Te Pou will provide information and resources for clinicians and leaders to support workforce development in this specialist area. This will include access for identified clinicians to e-learning modules later in 2016.

Te Pou is also working to provide networking opportunities through the early intervention in psychosis leadership day, and New Zealand directory of early intervention services across New Zealand.

Te Pou works with two strategic partners for this initiative, The Werry Centre and the New Zealand Early Intervention in Psychosis Society.