Using Let’s get real in your organisation

For Let’s get real to be most effective it is important that an organisation wide approach is taken to embedding it across organisational systems and processes. Key aspects of this include the following.

Human resources

Utilising Let’s get real across all human resource processes such as recruitment, orientation and professional development. This ensures that there are clear expectations about Let’s get real for people’s roles and their ongoing development across an organisation. Take a look at the Human resource tool to understand more about embedding Let’s get real in your human resource processes.

Workforce development

Let’s get real can be used to inform a workforce development plan. Take a look at the Getting it right guides that outline the process for workforce planning and development.

Assessing where teams' knowledge and skills are at in relation to the Real Skills is a key way to identify workforce development needs in your organisation as part of your workforce planning and development. The Real Skills online assessment tool provides the information you need to understand the skills of your people and what could be further developed.. 

Real Skills online

Real Skills is an online assessment tool for people to do a self assessment against the seven Real Skills. Reports can be generated for use with individuals, teams and across an organisation.

Values informed practice

Let’s get real is informed by values and attitudes. Recognising the importance of values and attitudes in our day to day work enhances the experience of people and whānau accessing health services. Values informed practice is a resource designed for people working in mental health and addiction services to recognise our values and understand how to work with them. The ultimate aim is to enhance our ways of working to improve outcomes for people accessing services, their whānau - and for people working in services.

Learning and development

Reflecting the performance indicators of the relevant Real Skills in any training or education programmes will demonstrate the alignment to Let’s get real and the expectation that all staff working in health reflect this in their work.

Meeting requirements and standards

Health and disability standards

By embedding Let’s get real across your organisational processes this will assist you to meet a number of the Health and Disability Services Standards.

Mental health and addiction National Service Specification framework

For mental health and addiction providers the use of Let’s get real is one way for services to meet the National Service Specification Framework. Developing the workforce is a tier one objective of the framework.