Equally Well is an example of building collaborative partnerships around issues, rather than working in organisational silos, and using this to disrupt systems and practices. This was highlighted by Marion Blake in an excellent presentation at the MoH-NGO Forum in October on leading disruption to improve wellbeing.

Angela Gruar (Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui) comments on the relevance of Marion’s presentation:

Marion’s presentation was a timely reminder of what can be achieved when we work together, despite the different perspectives, towards a common goal, which in the case of Equally Well is addressing the physical health disparities of people experiencing mental health and addiction issues. It takes the shared vision, commitment and passion, and good information to drive this through. The power of people joining along the way is evident in the number of organisations who have now signed up to the position paper. Often when faced with a wicked issue, progress can feel unachievable but with the disruption from which Equally Well evolved, there has been much progress in organisations and individuals taking action to address this disparity. There is a place for everyone in this work.

To view Marion's slides click here. Or to see her presentation click here.

There were two special symposiums on physical health at the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists conference in Christchurch in October where several Equally Well partners presented. The next e-news will provide feedback from that.

If you’re presenting on Equally Well, do let the backbone support team know and we can profile the event before and afterwards. Also don’t forget to take photos of it and pass them on too, we can tweet these and/or add to the Loomio discussions and e-news. It is such a great way for the collaborative to see the depth and breadth of our reach now.