Early intervention in psychosis (EIP) is a crucial clinical intervention. By intervening early we can support people towards a quicker recovery.

Ministry of Health strategic and policy documents such as the New Zealand Health Strategy 2016 and Rising to the challenge indicate this early intervention work is judged a high priority.

New Zealand is fortunate to have many excellent clinical services across the country which Te Pou wants to support. With this in mind we’ve started working in partnership with the Werry Centre and the New Zealand Early Intervention in Psychosis Society.

Leadership day

Te Pou held an early intervention in psychosis leadership day on 9 June in Wellington.  

The speakers gave a variety of presentations on topics ranging from at risk mental state, supported employment, Equally Well and PRIMHD data. The attendees also had the privilege of hearing from a service user and her brother.

A particular highlight of the day was the unique opportunity to hear Heather Stavely, from Orygen Youth Mental Health Centre. She provided a national perspective on the work being done, from both a service development and workforce development view, in the early intervention sector in Australia.

Despite a very full agenda attendees also benefited from the opportunity to network and discuss clinical issues for the wider sector.

Evaluation on the day has been very positive, with most reporting that they found the content of the day relevant and motivational.

Further professional development opportunities in EIP

In addition to the leadership day Te Pou is providing access to five e-learning modules from Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health. Based in Australia, Orygen is the world’s leading research and knowledge translation organisation focusing on mental illness in young people. Our first group of trainees are starting now, and we aim to offer the training to more people working in EIP services later in the year.

We’ve also created a community of practice for people working in EIP to provide a forum for discussion, debate and a place to get the latest research.

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