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The ADOM reflections e-group

This email group provides an easy-to-access forum to share questions, ideas and news related to ADOM. The group has around 120 members, mainly those trained as ADOM trainers/champions by Te Pou and Matua Raki.

There are no set rules to the group, as we want the group to create and shape its own purpose and conversations. However from time to time the Te Pou ADOM team may need to intervene for clarity and consistency purposes.

Contact Paul Hanton to join the group or unsubscribe.


Te Pou have developed some short videos to give practitioners a clear understanding of how ADOM is intended to be used. Access the videos in the resources section below.

Frequently asked questions

Any themes and common questions that emerge from the ADOM reflections e-group and training events that are not answered in the practitioners guide will be shared in the ADOM FAQ resource. This resource will be updated regularly until there are no new questions. Please direct any enquiries to Paul Hanton, National ADOM lead.

Download the FAQ resource below.