HoNOS training online

Want to learn more about HoNOS, or brush up with a refresher e-learning course? The options below will help.

HoNOS family online training

Not familiar with the HoNOS suite of measures yet? Or are you looking for some practice scenarios?

Use this online tool to increase your skills in using HoNOS, HoNOSCA, HoNOS65+, HoNOS-LD and HoNOS-secure.

Practice rating case studies, and see how your rating checks out against the consensus rating.

Each case study has a written vignette and a video. Instructions will be given along the way.


HoNOS family e-learning refresher

If you need to show evidence of your refresher training then our e-learning refresher is right for you.

The module can be completed for each of the HoNOS measures. The training is scenario-based, with written vignettes, case notes and videos. You need to complete two scenarios, followed by a quiz. It will take about 40 minutes, and can be done in more than one sitting.

You can download a certificate after successfully completing the e-learning module.

You will also get a reminder when you are due to 'refresh' your HoNOS training - every two years.

Start e-learning

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