The HoNOS tool

The Te Pou HoNOS tool is an app for desktop computers and mobile devices. The tool makes it easier for clinicians to collect HoNOS ratings and manage caseloads.

The HoNOS tool dashboard

The HoNOS tool dashboard provides a snapshot of your caseload statistics, valuable for meetings with your team or manager. Input your entire caseload to get the full benefit of the dashboard features such as number of cases, severity, ethnicity, gender, legal status and more. Use the dashboard to compare an individual’s outcome ratings over time.

Sharing results with service users

The HoNOS tool makes it easier to share individual results with service users. Sharing results is a great way to have meaningful conversations about outcomes with the people you support.

The tool also prompts clinicians when HoNOS collections are due or overdue.

Protected and secure

Te Pou’s HoNOS tool has been developed by Wild Bamboo, trusted experts in developing software that collects and stores sensitive health information. The information collected is protected and secure.

Please note – this phase of the tool streamlines your data collection and caseload management. You cannot export data from this tool into your organisation’s client information systems. This is something we hope to address for New Zealand clinicians in future versions of the app.

View the privacy policy.

Getting started

1. Access the tool

Desktop: Access the HoNOS tool here.
Device: Search ‘HoNOS' in Google Play or the App Store. (Please note, if searching from your iPad please set the search filter to 'iPhone only' instead of 'iPad only'. The filter is beside the 'cancel' button.)

2. Create an account

Create an account using your email address and a password. You only need to do this once. You cannot change the email address you create your account with.

Once you create your account you will receive an email to activate your account.

3. Sign in

Open the tool or launch the HoNOS app on your device. Enter the email address and password you used when creating your account and click ‘sign in’.  

 4. Edit your profile

Click ‘my profile’ to select the HoNOS family of measures appropriate to your caseload.

5. Add your service users

Enter your entire caseload to get the best information from your HoNOS tool.

6. Use the tool

Now use the tool to complete ratings. As more service users are added and ratings are completed the dashboard will present more comprehensive information, helping you to understand and manage your caseload.

Data you enter on one device will synchronise across your account. No active WiFi or data connection is required at the time of collection. Your data will be stored locally on your device until you choose to sync it.