Adult mental health and addiction workforce: 2014 survey of Vote Health funded services

Publication date: 14 October 2015

These resources present findings from the 2014 More than numbers survey of the secondary adult mental health and addiction services. Te Pou and Matua Raḵi asked organisations to provide information about their workforce as at 1 March 2014. The survey aimed to describe the workforce’s size, distribution, configuration and development needs.

The full report positions key findings of the survey in a broader policy and service delivery context.

The overview presents a snapshot of key findings in a shorter 20 page document. 

Please note: These resources were updated in December 2015 to correct a couple of typos. None of the key conclusions from the full report and overview were affected however we encourage you to use these updated versions when quoting specific numbers. 

Other More than numbers reports were not affected by these changes but if you have any questions, or would like us to review any documents that quote More than numbers data, please contact Jo Richdale.