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Guidelines for the use of essential oils

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  • Publication Date:

    25 June 2024

  • Area:

    Mental Health
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    PDF, 39 kb

The sense of smell is often described as the most primitive sense. This is due to its early development and connections to older, subconscious parts of the brain and the limbic system, which is important in emotional states and memory formation. Breathing in smells or odours activates the olfactory system (the system involved in processing smells) which causes immediate physiological changes in blood pressure, muscle tension, pupil size, blinking rate, skin temperature, skin blood flow, skin electrical activity, heart rate, brain wave patterns, and sleep and arousal state.

A safe and effective tool for the prevention and treatment of emotional distress is the therapeutic use of inhaled 100 percent pure essential oils. A printable resource for using essential oils is available to download here.