PRIMHD information and utility resource

Publication date: 7 March 2016

In 2015, the Ministry of Health contracted Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui to develop and deliver two resources to enhance collection of PRIMHD data and improve the consistency and quality of the information available.

Both resources are aimed at the broader workforce who have little to no technical knowledge of PRIMHD, but who are instrumental in the collection and entering of data. There was extensive sector engagement in planning, preparing and testing phases of these resources. These resources are both now available.

The Information and utility resource is designed to improve consistency of information in PRIMHD by increasing general awareness in the workforce about this valuable dataset. You can download this resource below.

Much of the mental health and addiction workforce are critical to collecting and entering PRIMHD data, but many have little/no knowledge about PRIMHD, or how their contributions impact on the quality of the information contained in PRIMHD. While the resource is aimed at those delivering PRIMHD training in DHB and NGO settings (spanning both mental health and addiction sectors), it will also be of use to individual members of the workforce directly involved in collecting, inputting and using PRIMHD data.

This resource provides a fairly simple overview, and includes key links for those seeking more detailed material. Additionally, the electronic resource provides direct access to an online ‘quiz’ to help people test their knowledge and application of fourteen particularly problematic activity codes (found to be most responsible for poor consistency in interpretation) and directs the user to the guide to PRIMHD activity collection and use for further information.

The guide to PRIMHD activity collection and use is a resource designed specifically to improve the consistency of how activity codes are used. This details each code in detail, and includes case scenario’s to assist people interpret how and when relevant codes apply.


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