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Masterclass: Shifting the Curve - for consultants, trainers & facilitators of others

Facilitators and consultants need to have a deep understanding of their own practice to be genuinely transformative and to effectively support not for profit organisations operating in an increasingly complex environment. This day is designed especially for those whose professional mission is to support not for profit organisations to make a difference.

Development Programme: Managing & Leading Community Organisations

Leading in a community organisation can be complex! This training programme develops your skills, knowledge and confidence to manage the people, money, projects, and stakeholders, whilst still driving results. So, no more second-guessing yourself…

Masterclass: Governance - Building the Dream Board

This workshop is for board members who feel they have an understanding of governance, but are looking for the skills and knowledge to create a high performing leadership team - with the people and resources we have available to us.

Managing residents with dementia

A workshop for staff caring for elderly residents with dementia and related problems.

Feedback Made Easy

2nd September Auckland: This workshop is for managers, leaders and anyone else who wants to become really good at handling feedback conversations. The ability to receive feedback is just as important as the ability to give because in reality what happens to feedback is entirely in the hands of the receiver. This workshop will help take your feedback skills to whole new level by developing your skills as both a giver and a receiver. Te Pou $125 + gst

The Power of Peer Supervision

25 March 2019 - Tools for mentoring and supervision groups Peer supervision differs from other forms of supervision in that it doesn’t rely on the presence of a more qualified, identified expert in the process – a supervisor. Peer supervision can ensure that more people have more access to more supervision and this in turn impacts on the quality of service for clients. In one training day participants are introduced to this team based approach to supervision, and a toolkit of processes that enable them to set up

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