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Person Centred Thinking for Everyone

We believe that completing this workshop will either begin or add to your understanding of what being person-centred means. What is more, the person-centred thinking tools will give you some practical ways to help people take control of their lives and support.

E-learning Person-Centred Thinking for Everyone

A New Way to Create Person-centred Change in Your Organisation How can you ‘do more with less’ and stretch your training budget so that it makes the biggest impact on people’s lives? As well as our training courses, we have developed a range of online options to support colleagues using flexible, innovative and affordable e - learning solutions.

Becoming a Motivational Supporter (STEM:NZ)

This workshop is aimed at staff of agencies/organisations that provide care or support to disabled or elderly people.

Oral Care - Improving Physical Health Outcomes of people experiencing Mental Health, Disability or Addiction problems.

The workshop has a health focus with improved outcomes for people with Mental Health Disability, Addiction problems. Better general health outcomes, pain reduction and well-being can be improved by being better equipped, with alternative techniques when providing Oral health care, as well as understanding the relationship between the mouth and total body health. • Care Providers, Nurses and Support Workers -Having a better understanding of oral health allows providers to identify and refer some common diseases & conditions before they can have an adverse effect, with relief or prevention of pain and discomfort. - Have some alternative options available to slow or prevent disease. -Better techniques when providing oral care, reduce stress and anxiety. -Improved oral care with reduced risk of pain and discomfort are happier and healthier. • People in residential or assisted care: -Improved outcomes with oral health & general health. -Prevention of pain & discomfort improves the life style and confidence. -Less medication required if healthier.

Building Inclusive Communities

Building Inclusive Communities is for managers and coordinators of disability services. It supports services to build connections with communities beyond the disability sector that will enhance inclusion for the people they support. It includes a 20 week guided practicum while participants put into place positive change for the people who use services

Towards Equity – improving outcomes for Māori

This professional development workshop is for management and staff of organisations intent on meeting and improving outcomes for Māori. It is co-facilitated by Maori and Pakeha facilitators. Grounded in current frameworks and guidelines in the health, disability, social and public sectors, the workshops have negotiable objectives, and are tailored to the current needs, policies and resources of each organisation.

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