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Coaching & Mentoring Skills - Helping others succeed

1 Nov 2018 Auckland. If you need to get better at sharing your expertise or helping others succeed, this one day coaching and mentoring skills workshop is for you. It looks at the differences between coaching and mentoring, shows how to think and act like a natural coach and provides you with practical tools for a range of developmental conversations – whether long term, one off opportunities or those that happen in the moment - Te Pou $395 +gst enroll at www.coachingmentoring.co.nz

Identifying the causes of Disruptive Behaviours

A one day workshop which will give care/support staff an increased awareness of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required when working with residents/clients with disruptive behaviors.

Motivational fuel for care/support staff

Motivation fuel for care/support staff is a workshop which gives staff an opportunity to refresh their motivation and rekindle their "hearts" in regard to their work (and their home life).

Getting On Board: Non-profit Governance 101

A workshop for people who find themselves on a non-profit board. Informative and practical training on the ins and outs of not-for-profit governance, including the roles and responsibilities of board members, legal obligations, risks, and how to add value as a board member. You will get a hands-on experience of useful tools and processes to help deepen the governance practice of your organisation.

Leaders as Coaches - Developing people & performance

13 September - Auckland This practical workshop provides the tools and skills you need to adopt a coaching mindset and develop people and performance through one to one coaching. It will help you avoid the common pitfalls and offers simple tools that enable you to take a coaching approach to the wide range of conversations you have in the course of your day, week or year. It also caters for the difficult end of the continuum where you need to ask people to do things differently. Take away a 5 step tool for difficult conversations and some great tips for how to step up to performance improvement conversations in ways that maintain or even enhance people’s self esteem.

Supervision Skills for Health & Social Service Professionals Unitec Certificate - Level 5, 4 Credits

2 & 3 October - Auckland This skills based training enables senior staff to provide effective supervision for others in their own discipline area. introduces supervision as a professional development process for health & social service professionals provides training and processes for one to one clinical supervision provides opportunities for participants to experience the power of supervision through practice activities Cost $650 + gst with Te Pou discount

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