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A Staff Focusing Day - Communication, Professionalism, Problem Solving and Goal Setting (STEM:NZ)

This workshop is aimed at staff of agencies/organisations that provide care or support to disabled or elderly people.

Performance Appraisal - The Easy Way (STEM:NZ)

This workshop will enable participants to identify and clarify the skills required to successfully implement a Performance Appraisal System.

Managing residents with dementia

A workshop for staff caring for elderly residents with dementia and related problems.

Understanding Cultural Diversity and Cultural safety: Working safely in a multi-cultural context

The world is much more dispersed and people from all walks of life are living and working everywhere. Gone are the days of working only with the people who grew up where you did. Are you able to navigate the multi-cultural workplace with little difficulty, or do you sometimes struggle to understand why others think and act in ways different to yours? This workshop explores the notions around cultural diversity in the workplace while providing you with some strategies to ensure you are working in a culturally safe and supportive manner.

Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour

This workshop focuses on supporting people, whose behaviour challenges, to live ordinary lives in the community and has more of a focus on intervention strategies.

Person-Centred Risk - E-Learning

Person-centred risk management is the recognition that people in receipt of support are entitled to take risks to get the life that they want: to take advantage of opportunities even if they come with risk.

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