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Positive and Productive Meetings - E - Learning

Poor meetings are not a necessary evil – we can do something about them. Most approaches to meetings focus on improving efficiency – how to have fewer and better meetings. Positive and Productive Meetings is not simply a tweak to your existing meeting process. It is a fresh approach to how we think and work together in meetings. It includes what co-production looks like in practice

De-escalation - using effective communication to minimise distress

Minimising the risks of violence, aggression in the workplace is a critical requirement in all health and community support settings, especially when clients are experiencing distress. This one day interactive workshop will provide staff with a range of strategies to identify and de-escalate a distressed and/or agitated person while keeping themselves and others safe.

A capacity-building programme for parents raising young child with a disability or delay

Upcoming peer parents leadership development programme to take place in your town in 2018: Parents of young children with disability get together to plan their future goals and work out the steps to implement these goals.

Annual Workshop and Conference

Registration is now open for ANZACBT Annual Workshop & Conference 17th and 18th October 2019 Novotel Hotel, 52 Cathedral Square, Christchurch NZ This year we are delighted to announce that Tracey Wade, Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor of Psychology, from Flinders University, South Australia will be running a one-day workshop on the 17th of October 2019. Workshop: Ten-session cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT-T) for non-underweight eating disorders: key principles and techniques. The conference day on the 18th of October promotes the clinical application and practice of CBT. It includes a keynote address from Tracey Wade: Tackling key areas of perfectionism across prevention and treatment. We are also pleased to announce presentations from: Chris Skellett: Workshop: When Trust Goes Missing Ngaronga Ormsby: CBT Adaptation-Māori Style, “Speaking into the Empty Space, a Therapeutic Neutrality” Anna Elders: Workshop: Better Mental Health, One Click at a Time; New CBT E therapy tool within NZ Jenny Jordan: PTSD (Title to be announced)

Advancing the skills of case management in the community

This one day workshop is tailored for any staff that work individually with clients in the community. It will guide staff in ensuring safe and effective support is provided with clients.

Understanding health related legislation

This one-day tailored and interactive workshop will provide you with the knowledge and understanding to ensure you are managing your role within the boundaries of this legislation in order to protect the rights of those individuals affected.

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