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Addiction leadership day July 2015 presentations

Presentations from the addiction leadership day held on 23 July 2015 in Auckland.

Published | 24 July 2015

How the workforce centres are supporting you July - September 2015

This resource looks at some of the activities happening within the workforce development centres.

Published | 22 July 2015

ADOM implementation key documents (briefing pack)

Provides the key documents and requirements for adult community-based clinical addiction services to implement ADOM.

Published | 16 July 2015

NGO adult mental health and addiction workforce: 2014 survey of Vote Health funded services

This report describes the size, distribution and configuration of the Vote Health funded NGO workforce in adult mental health and addiction services.

Published | 16 July 2015

Adult mental health and addiction nursing roles: 2014 survey of Vote Health funded services

This report presents information on dedicated nurse positions in New Zealand's mental health and addiction services. It describes the size and distribution of the nursing workforce by provider, roles and services delivered.

Published | 14 July 2015

Let's get talking - Skills survey: Identify strengths and areas for development in talking therapies delivery

This tool supports services to identify workforce capacity and capability to deliver evidence-based talking therapies.

Published | 10 July 2015