Heather Kongs-Taylor

Programme lead, strategic development

My role is to develop evidence-based research, products and guides to support the mental health workforce. I am currently focussed on employment in mental health. I have been bringing together information on the relationships between employment and health and developing resources to demonstrate its relevance to the workforce.

I have a Master's in Public Health from the University of Auckland. I worked for the university as a researcher and evaluator with Health Systems. I also was a course coordinator and tutor for two postgraduate evaluation papers and for the population health component of the Bachelor of Health Sciences degree.

I am passionate about the integration and use of evidence - from individuals, families, the workforce, published and ‘grey’ literature - to influence policy and practice. I believe it’s important for health consumers to understand that they have choices about their care and to have access to easy-to-understand evidence-based information to help them make those choices.

Current projects