Earlier this year, the Equally Well backbone team completed a self-assessment to reflect on our functioning and to inform future planning. Two assessments were used based on the Tamarack Institute’s and Foundation Strategy Group’s ‘components of success’ checklists.

Our self-assessment identified that the problem Equally Well seeks to address is well publicised and supported by members of the collaborative. The vision and common agenda are well documented, with good uptake from the collaborative. Equally Well partners look to the backbone team for strategic guidance and leadership, although members of the collaborative are also empowered to independently engage in the issues. Partners’ work is supported, recognised and celebrated. The backbone team continues to build and maintain hope and motivation to achieve equity through collective impact.

Progress is being made on strategic alliances and engaging a wide range of stakeholders. The interim strategic leadership group is in the beginning stages of providing advice and guidance on strategic direction. Opportunities are also sought for alignment with the efforts of other collectives.

The Equally Well backbone team is increasingly equipping partners for effective action and influence and identifying windows of opportunity, however, there is yet to be a policy/advocacy agenda created with collaborative partners.

The backbone team’s priorities for 2020 are as follows:

  • Funding a backbone team and strategic leadership group that can sustain our growing collaborative, and support international collaboration.
  • Secure funding to evaluate the first five years of the collaborative
  • Establish shared measures and create a system to capture and report collectively on them.
  • Increase the visibility of the interim strategic leadership group, backbone team activities and role, and Equally Well member’s action plans.