Te Pou is working with partners in the disability sector to develop a knowledge and skills framework for individuals supporting people on the autism spectrum. The framework is intended to be used as a resource for employers to improve staff performance and guide service delivery. It will allow individuals to assess their knowledge and skills and develop an improvement plan to learn more about autism as well as the person they support. 

After the resource is developed, Te Pou intends to work alongside training and disability support providers to help embed the framework into practice.

We are looking for people who would like to share their stories or views of autism by being interviewed or taking part in a survey. We are interested in hearing personal stories of great support as well as when services haven’t lived up to expectations. Stories and survey results will be included in the final publication of the framework.

It is incredibly important that the framework reflects authentic service user views, so we would love to hear from autistic people. This provides a unique opportunity for people to share their views and experiences and contribute to a resource that will have an impact on how autistic people are supported.

We are specifically looking for autistic people receiving Ministry of Health funded disability support.

We encourage participation from people of all ages and communication styles, with and without learning disabilities. 

If you receive disability support and are interested in taking part in this project, please contact:
Gabby Hogg 

John Vogenthaler 
027 298 5861