Handover | Issue 40 - September 2017

Mental Health Nursing and its Future: A Discussion Framework – Report from the Expert Reference Group to the Deputy Director-General, Mental Health Dr Janice Wilson, was published in 2006 by the Ministry of Health.

Dr Frances Hughes chaired the development of the report and Helen Hamer led the project. The final report was authored by Helen Hamer, Mary Finlayson, Katey Thom, Frances Hughes and Sharon Tomkins.

The framework provided a strategic direction for the future of mental health nursing to strengthen both nursing leadership and practice within the multidisciplinary clinical environment. The overall goal was to provide strategies to move the profession of mental health nursing forward. Several recommendations were made about leadership, mental health nurse practitioners, standards, skill mix, clinical career pathways, professional supervision, education, research, recruitment and retention. We invited key stakeholders to revisit the framework and comment on progress and their thoughts on what more is needed to support mental health and addiction nurses. We received a lot of feedback and over the next few issues of Handover will share a summary of this with you on each of the recommendations.

In this issue Helen Hamer reflects on the framework and we focus on leadership, professional supervision and education.