The Equally Well framework for collaborative action is a guiding document outlining how the Equally Well collaborative can work together, the actions that are planned and what it hopes to achieve. It’s been developed as a result of discussions both online and at the summit, and we have drawn on international models of collective impact and collaborative action. 

The first part of the framework highlights the work to date and introduces a model for how collaborative action can work, which we feel captures what we are trying to achieve with Equally Well, which is a partnership of organisations wishing to collaborate to achieve a desired outcome. 

The idea is a lightweight governance framework, stewardship and action groups, and a support team for coordination held together by a shared commitment and the recognition that to achieve this we need to work together. 

The second part of the framework focuses on the programme of collaborative action and the different areas of action where change is needed. These priority areas of action have emerged through the Equally Well process to date. The table of actions is not fully populated because lead agencies and partners are yet to put themselves forward – could that be you? 

To grow the collaborative we are very keen to hear from people and organisations who want to take a leadership role and/or get involved in the action areas identified in the framework. 

We’d also like your input into the programme of activities, so feel free to make a copy of the table template, add any other possible projects we have missed, and nominate yourself or other agencies as leads or partners for particular actions. 
We’ve started identifying some measures of success, but we’d expect the groups themselves to develop and agree these for each project. 

Access the framework document

Please email your feedback to us directly, via Chelvica by Monday, 16 March. We’ll update the table and re-circulate it in the next email update. Subscribe to receive the Equally Well email update.