Achieving collection compliance

Outcome collection rates are important to improve the quality of data.

The Ministry of Health set collection targets for all services who collect HoNOS.

Ministry of Health collection rate targets

Collection targets have been set for inpatient and community services. It recognises current collection levels and capacity of inpatient and community settings to collect outcomes information. The targets are:

  • inpatient, admission inpatient and discharge inpatient - 80 per cent.
  • community - 80 per cent.

Supporting DHBs to achieve HoNOS compliance

There are six key ways Te Pou works to assist DHBs to achieve HoNOS compliance. This assistance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Targeted training for DHB managers and clinicians on the collection and use of outcomes information.
  • Access to user-friendly reports using the DHBs' own data.
  • Explanatory information on the reports so DHB staff can interpret tables and graphs.
  • Assistance with system processes so DHBs can ensure their collections are compliant with the ICP.
  • Advice and support to DHBs as required to eliminate outcomes data anomalies.
  • Support networks and linkages.

If you would like more information about HoNOS reports or compliance please contact Sandra Baxendine.