Outcomes graph builder - Microsoft Excel 1997-2003

Publication date: 28 March 2012

The outcomes graph builder has been designed by Te Pou for clinicians who have limited access to IT tools. It is an Excel file which allows you to enter a service user's outcomes data (HoNOS, HoNOS65+, HoNOSCA, HoNOS-secure, HoNOS-LD or Kessler 10+) into a rating form, to generate a graph which can be shown to the service user or used in a team discussion when reviewing the person's care. It graphically presents information for up to three time periods, with the ability to store up to 12 individual collections of information.

An information guide is also available for download.

This version has been created to work in Microsoft Excel 1997-2003. It has been revised from the initial version which included the use of macros. The macros have been removed to ensure the tool runs easily on all computers, and avoids the need to make changes to security settings.

For services using later versions of Microsoft Excel, a Microsoft Excel 2007 or later copy of the graph builder is also available.

Note: This outcomes graph builder (excluding the Excel programme) has been developed by Te Pou, and should not be copied or used for any purpose other than that of implementing HoNOS tools without the express written consent of Te Pou.

1. Download the Excel file

Click on a file below to download it.Choose the location you would like to save it to, and click Save. When the download is complete, click Close.

2. Open the Excel file 

  1. Open the file from the location you saved it to on your computer.
  2. Easy to follow instructions on how to use the tool are included within the Excel file.

3. Use the tool 

Once you've followed the steps above, you can use the tools as many times as you like.

We suggest you create a new file for each service user. To do so, select Save As from the original file, choose a location to save it to and use the service user's name as the file name.

With service user information, you should ensure the file is saved in a place with the appropriate level of security.

More information

For more information or help using this tool, please contact Sandra Baxendine.