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Consumer Leadership Development Grant Application Questions

Questions on the application

To help with the application process, this page lists the questions that are asked on the Consumer Leadership Development Grant. The application must be completed through the online grants portal.

Please tell us what this application is for. If it is for a learning activity you must specify the following:

  • how the learning activity will be delivered
  • the location where the learning activity will be delivered
  • number of sessions
  • number of facilitators
  • internal programme
  • external programme.

How does the application relate to the aims of the Consumer Leadership Development Grant or the grant priority areas? (Positive behaviour support, supporting people with Autism, supporting Whaia Te Ao Marama 2018 to 2022, supporting people with High and Complex needs, supporting whānau/families)

How does the application relate to the Enabling Good Lives Principles?

What support will be available to applicant or participants to ensure the success of this application?

What opportunities will this application create for learning to benefit disabled people or the disability sector?

Describe the experience or expertise the facilitator has in delivering learning activities in the disability sector? (Organisational or collective applicants only)

If the facilitator does not have experience in the disability sector, describe why you have chosen this facilitator and how you will ensure the facilitation will be appropriate for the disability workforce? (Organisational or collective applicants only)

Describe how disabled people are included in the co-development of the learning activity or the delivery of the training? (Organisational or collective applicants only)

If disabled people are not involved in the co-development or delivery of the training, how will you ensure a consumer perspective is included in the learning activity? (Organisational or collective applicants only)

These questions are available as an editable Word document below which includes a budget spreadsheet. Please note this is for personal use only and cannot be submitted. Answers can copied onto the application on the grants portal.