Mahi Rawe: Great Work

A skilled, diverse, inclusive workforce

Mahi Rawe

New Zealand needs a more diverse and inclusive disability workforce. 

We are excited to promote Mahi Rawe to the disability sector.


Mahi Rawe means great work.


We believe that the disability sector is a great place to work. 

We know it’s great to work with disabled people, ensuring they live the life they choose. There are also many benefits for people new to and currently working in the disability sector. 

View this video showcasing how important diversity and inclusion is for disabled people.

Training workshops

We have closed the Mahi Rawe online platform and moved on to focusing on delivering live training workshops for groups of people. 

Our workshop can be designed to meet your organisation’s needs. The workshop can be tailored to, for example, supporting induction for new staff or working with students to introduce the disability sector as a great place to work.

We also provide training using the Let’s get real: Disability framework and the Enabling Good Lives principles. 


For organisations, we are happy to advertise positions on our Jobs page. This is a free service that we offer. 

Get in touch

Contact Manase Lua, John Vogenthaler or Susan Sherrard to discuss how we can work with you.