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For over 25 years we have been dedicated to helping organisations reduce risks surrounding behaviours of concern and workplace violence through the design and delivery of engaging, outcome-focused training. From our in-depth PBS programmes through to our de-escalation and physical skills content, we have developed low arousal approaches for people with intellectual disabilities, living with autism or differing sensory needs. Maybo is passionate about the delivery of person-centred, human rights-based models of care that reduce the need for restrictive practices and improve participant’s quality of life. Our learning methods are consistent with the principles of positive behaviour support, focusing on primary and secondary strategies for preventing and defusing behaviours of concern. This helps staff to:

  • Better understand a person’s physiological and emotional needs.
  • Improve their environment.
  • Recognise and reduce restrictive practices.
  • Engage them in ways that reduce behaviours of concern.
  • Promote respect and choices for the individual.

Alongside proactive strategies to reduce behaviours of concern, we teach reactive strategies that help to safely de-escalate emotive situations. While our focus is on avoiding the need for physical interventions, some settings may, at times, need to use these to create safety, and we can provide simple low-arousal methods for use as a last resort.


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