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Understanding the impact of mental illness in people with intellectual/developmental disability

Training provider

Pumahara Consultants

Contact: Dr Chris Taua



Telephone: : +64210776867

Training details


Understanding the impact of mental illness in people with intellectual/developmental disability

Training type

Safety, quality and evaluation; Disability awareness and service development

Approximate cost

This workshop is delivered to individual service providers rather than single staff members therefore costs are negotiated with providers depending on numbers. Please contact Dr Chris Taua to discuss further.

About the training

There is increasing awareness that people with an intellectual/developmental disability (IDD) are at greater risk of developing mental illness. They are often not able to clearly articulate their internal experiences and feelings and because of this are often misunderstood or seen to be too complex and challenging. Participants will learn how to recognise when a person with an IDD might have a mental illness and support the person to get help. They will also gain awareness of the ways in which they can help to improve the quality of life of people with an IDD from both a professional staff focussed and a service delivery perspective, so that mental health problems are less likely to occur or are at least more quickly identified and responded to.

This is a tailored one- or two-day introductory workshop for anyone working in a health or social service setting supporting individuals with IDD.

Workshop Overview:

  • Understanding Mental health and Illness in the context of IDD
  • Factors that contribute to mental ill health in people with ID
  • Typical and atypical signs of mental illness in people with ID ▪ Strategies to support people who present with challenges related to mental illness
  • Traverse a complex Maze to unwind complex service delivery issues in order to plan best care and support.

Training location

Training can be delivered at any venue in Aotearoa New Zealand. Venue is provided by the service provider and the facilitator attend that site. All equipment can be provided by the Facilitator/Trainer. Contact us for further detail.

Training duration

This is a one or two day interactive and intensive learning programme. Time is negotiated according to service provider needs.

Disability involvement

No disabled people are involved in the development or delivery of the training.

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