Equally Well: Physical health

Equally Well logoEqually Well is a group of people and organisations with the common goal of achieving physical health equity for people who experience mental health and addiction issues. People who access mental health and addiction services are at the centre of this work.

Everyone should have the same opportunities to be physically well. However that’s not always the case.

In New Zealand and overseas, people experiencing addiction and mental health issues tend to have worse physical health than their counterparts in the general population, and a shorter life expectancy. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer and oral health issues are more common for this population group.

Equally Well is about taking initiative and working together for change. Equally Well supporters span the health, mental health and social sectors, and include community organisations, mental health and addiction NGOs, primary care, district health boards, medical colleges and education providers.

Become part of the movement and help make a difference for the people your service or organisation supports.


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