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HoNOS feedback scenario videos

The following scenarios depict clinicians providing feedback on HoNOS, HoNOSCA and HoNOS65+ scores to service users (either deterioration, improvement or no change/little change). The clinicians and service users are portrayed by actors.

Additionally brief clinician offer or request scenarios are depicted in which either the clinician offers to show the service user their HoNOS(CA) scores or in which the service user requests their HoNOS(CA) scores.

These scenarios should be seen not as representing best practice necessarily (indeed some of the scenarios most certainly do not represent best practice) but as providing items to generate discussion and debate.

HoNOSCA feedback scenario 1

HoNOS feedback scenario 2

HoNOS65+ feedback scenario 3

HoNOS feedback scenario 4

HoNOS feedback scenario 5

HoNOS feedback scenario 6

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