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Tool for educators: Embed the foundations

Tips for getting the Let’s get real foundations right every time

The foundations of Let’s get real

The foundations of Let’s get real convey the intent of the framework and underpin the seven Real Skills. They include the Let’s get real values and attitudes, and the shared language we use to describe and express our values and what we do. The foundations also include the integration of lived experience and cultural perspectives to reflect the diversity of people who access services and their whānau.

LGR diagram for educator tool 2

Why embed the foundations of Let’s get real in every health education and training programme?

The Let’s get real values, attitudes and language reflect what people accessing services want to experience in their interactions with people in the health workforce.

Values and attitudes are at the core of health relationships. The interplay between values, attitudes and skills promotes engagement and effective practices. For more information on the evidence for this check out Values informed practice He mahi whai tikanga.

Language reflects our beliefs and the way we view people. A shared, respectful language helps us to articulate and reinforce our values, and shapes our actions.

Developing a deep understanding of the impact of values and attitudes, and a shared vocabulary to match is not a one-off process and does not sit apart from learning about other aspects of practice.

Integrating lived experience and cultural perspectives, as well as demonstrating consideration of the needs of whānau, supports health workers to contribute to positive service experiences and outcomes through their practice. This is important for both emergent and experienced workers.

"It's my 'go to'. Underpins whatever we are doing - a good foundation for everything. Can fit anywhere - blend it, weave it through . . . it brings us together. Supports commonality, cohesiveness - we are all working together."

— DHB clinical educator

Tips for health educators and trainers for embedding the Let’s get real foundations into the learning experience

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