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Mārama Real-Time Feedback

Mārama Real-Time Feedback (Mārama RTF) is a consumer satisfaction survey for tāngata whai ora and whānau to find out about their experience of the services they receive in the district health board (DHB) and non-government organisation (NGO) mental health and addiction sector.

The Ministry of Health strongly encourages services to utilise this survey. While the use of Mārama RTF is currently voluntary, using the survey gives participating services:

  • access to valuable information on tāngata whai ora and whānau perspectives

  • a way of improving the quality of services

  • a way of engaging tāngata whai ora and whanau in mental health and addiction services

  • a method of benchmarking services based on their response to tāngata whai ora and whānau.

Key agencies involved

Te Pou provides day-to-day practical leadership.

CBG Health Research is contracted to provide the metrics for the project using the Mārama RTF site. They provide both custom analytics if requested by the user and a site where users can create their own reports.

Mārama RTF questions

The Mārama RTF survey is a Likert scale questionnaire that asks the following questions (available in several languages):

  • Q1 Relationship/Partnerships

    I feel respected

  • Q2 Communication/Information

    I am involved in decision making

  • Q3 Continuity of Care/Coordination

    The people I see communicate with each other when I need them to (Don’t know option)

  • Q4 Family Involvement

    My family/whānau are given information and encouraged to be involved (N/A option)

  • Q5 Recovery and Support

    I have the support I need for the future

  • Q6 Recovery and Support

    Our plan is reviewed regularly

  • Q7 Friends and Family

    I would recommend this service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment

  • Q8 Free Text

    Is there anything you want to say about your recent experience with the service or anything you think we can improve on?

  • Demographics:

    Age group / Gender / Ethnicity

Services have the option to add two questions of their own to this list.


To participate in Mārama RTF services, DHBs and NGOs need to purchase a licence. The licence will give them the use of the Mārama RTF survey software, access to a number of portals to collect the data and the ability to participate in the reference group and Loomio discussion forum.

Mārama RTF Web Survey Links

In 2020, Mārama Real-Time Feedback launched consumer satisfaction surveys that are available online without the use of a tablet.


Comprehensive aggregated metrics for both DHBs and NGOs can be accessed through the Mārama RTF site once a licence has been purchased. Once services have a licence, every organisation is able to compare themselves to the national totals.

Here you can see the tracking graphs for all seven questions. These are updated daily. The first graph shows questions one to three, the second graph shows the remainder of the questions. You can also download the data by clicking on a download button.

Note, during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown services were unable to collect real-time feedback data therefore the graphs do not include data for this period.

National report cards

National report cards highlight the tāngata whai ora and whānau feedback gathered through Mārama RTF over a six month period


Training in using Mārama RTF can be accessed through the Loomio forum.

The Mārama RTF name

Originally, Mārama Real-Time Feedback was just called Real-Time Feedback. In 2015, Mārama was added to the name by CBG Health Research with input from the reference group and cultural advisors.

The name Mārama was chosen because of the layers of meaning it carries:

  • to make clear
  • to have wisdom
  • to provide clarity or truth
  • to be transparent.

More information

See the key contacts at DHB and NGO mental health and addiction services for Mārama Real-Time Feedback.

To see the Mārama RTF FAQs, visit the Mārama RTF website.

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