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Mental Health First Aid Aotearoa courses

Find the right course for you

At Mental Health First Aid Aotearoa, we have a range of courses available including our Standard, Workplace and Youth training programmes. Browse the options to find a course that is right for you.

Standard MHFA course

Our Standard Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course is for adults who want to support other adults. This face-to-face two-day training equips people with the skills and knowledge to support other adults across a diversity of settings and populations when they are experiencing a mental health crisis or challenge.

Workplace MHFA

Based on our successful Standard MHFA course, this Workplace MHFA course aims to create a mentally healthier workplace by training managers and staff across all levels of an organisation. It involves both in-person and online training.

Youth MHFA

This course is for adults (18+) supporting young people (aged 11 to 18). Our Youth MHFA Aotearoa two-day training course is in person and empowers adults with the skills, knowledge and confidence to assist a young person experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis.

Find an instructor

MHFA Aotearoa workshops are delivered by accredited MHFA instructors around the motu. There are now more than 200, and the number is growing. Each instructor brings their own skills, knowledge, and experience to the role, delivering engaging and interactive workshops.

MHFA instructors are not employees of Te Pou. They each determine their own fees for workshops.

Participant feedback

What do people say after attending a MHFA Aotearoa course?

Feedback and evaluations are collected from all workshops. Respondents say that Mental Health First Aid is “eye-opening”, “an excellent course” and “very thorough”. They tell us it’s a course that everyone should complete because it’s “beneficial for the wider community to help increase our understanding of mental health.”

People who have completed the two-day MHFA workshop say it not only helps “destigmatize mental health challenges” but teaches participants to “identify the signs and behaviours of distress” and to feel more “prepared” and “confident” to have crucial conversations around mental health.

The courses are full of rich content but are sensitively presented, giving participants time to reflect and ask questions. The five-step ALGEE action plan, which is learnt and reinforced through a variety of activities, gives people a structure and process to follow, and a take-home workshop manual adds more depth and knowledge to the training.

The feedback on MHFA Aotearoa accredited instructors is also very positive, who bring their professional expertise and facilitation skills to the programme.

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