Handover | Issue 42 - July 2018

Matua Raki Congratulations to Klare Braye who took up the role of Clinical Advisor Addiction, at the Ministry of Health earlier this year. Klare played a pivotal role in supporting addiction nursing and we are sure she will continue to do so in her new role. 

Addiction Nursing Symposium 2018

The Addiction Nursing Symposium was held on 8 May 2018 in Christ-church. Over 60 addiction nurses attended from around the country. 

The symposium supported by Matua Raki and DANA was held at Nova Trust just outside of Christchurch. 

The day was opened with a mihi whakatau, creating a positive space for an action-packed day. The speakers presented on a range of addiction specific topics including co-existing problems, hepatitis-c, nursing in the City Mission, gambling disorders, the Substance Addiction (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 2017 (SA(CAT) Act), nurse prescribing, cultural competency e-learning and the refresh of the nurse’s competency framework. 

Participants were given a guided tour of the Nova Trust buildings and grounds, learning about the journey from a paediatric care facility to its current addiction residential treatment services, including the nine beds dedicated to people subject to the SA(CAT) Act. Extensive commercial glasshouses were in full production providing the opportunity for residents to work therapeutically. 

The symposium provided an opportunity for addiction nurses to network with colleagues, explore the possibilities of collaborating on new projects and initiatives, and enjoy focussed conversations regarding their work as addiction nurses. Presentations included: 

  • The Substance Addiction (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act and you, Ashley Koning. 
  • Supporting the co-existing problems framework approach: Medical detox and mental health collaboration pilot project, Vicky Totua and Elly Richards. 
  • A test – benefits of testing to improve hepatitis-c treatment uptake in AOD services, Jenny Bourke. 
  • Curing hepatitis in the community, Sheryl Gibbs and Joanne De Lisle from Compass Health. 
  • Addiction nursing –A City Mission Perspective, Raewyn Birkett. 
  • Hedge your bets – Gambling support in Christchurch, Laura Hay. 
  • Nursing framework, Daryle Deering. 
  • NP and RN prescribing – what it looks like in addictions, Louise Leonard. 

To view presentations please visit the Matua Raki website.

Ninth Addiction Research Symposium 2018

The 9th Addiction Research Symposium was held in Christchurch at the University of Otago, Christchurch campus on 8 May 2018. Presentations included: 

  • Understanding and contextualizing cannabis-related harm, Joe Boden. 
  • Developing non-addictive analgesics for the treatment of chronic pain, Amy Alder. 
  • Naloxone provision by community pharmacists in New Zealand: Exploration of pharmacists understanding of naloxone and opinions on this new service proposal, Dr Rhys Ponton. 
  • Alcohol-related attendances in the Christchurch Hospital emergency department before and after the introduction of The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (2012), Dr James Foulds and Oliver Coleman. 
  • The role of serotonin in methylenedioxymethamphetamine self-administration, Dr Susan Schenk. 
  • New Zealand Ibogaine treatment outcomes for opioid dependence. Another string in the bow, Dr Geoff Noller. 
  • A single brief gambling telephone intervention reduces co-existing depression over a three-year period, Dr Maria Bellringer. 
  • You can't hate yourself thin, Katrin Ottley. 
  • The efficacy of yoga with addictions: A systematic review of evidence, Alexander El Amanni. 
  • Maraea – supportive solutions for indigenous children who misuse substances, Dr Lisa Chant. 
  • Sorted smoke-free 2025, Alexander Stevens II. 

To view presentations please visit the Matua Raki website.

Remember if you want to know more about the SA(CAT) Act, check out the e-learning and resources available on the Matua Raki website

Just rereleased - Updated Aotearoa New Zealand Addiction Specialty Nursing Competency Framework

A knowledge and skills framework for nurses working in the addiction treatment specialty - (Under the professional body of Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia with funding support from Matua Raki)

The updated Framework reflects changes since 2012 that have occurred in legislation, policy, service provision, workforce development and nursing practice. The framework is a professional nursing framework designed to provide:

  • guidance on the clinical pathway for nurses working in the addiction specialty from foundation to advanced specialist;  
  • a description of the levels of practice of nurses working in the addiction specialty;  
  • clarification of the specialist level nursing practice within the addiction specialty for nurses, other practitioners, consumers, consumer advisors, employers, funding and planning personnel;  
  • guidance for education providers in designing curricula;  
  • guidance for nursing workforce development;  
  • the basis for application for DANA Advanced Certified Addiction Nurse (ACAN).