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Summary Report HoNOSCA National Jan - Dec 23

Te Pou publishes Programme for the Integration of Mental Health Data (PRIMHD) reports every three months.

These reports summarise the PRIMHD data submitted by all district health boards (DHBs) for the period January to December 2023.

For details regarding team type classification please refer to the PDF in the downloads section below.

National summary reports are provided for:

  • HoNOS (used with adults from 18-64 years of age)
  • HoNOSCA (used with children up to the age of 17 years)
  • HoNOS65+ (used with adults 65 years and older).

Each summary report is in three parts.

  1. Outcomes-related information: This provides indications about what changes have occurred for service users between entering and leaving the service. Outcomes are assessed by comparing the group admitted and the group discharged from the service in the same time period. This should provide a reasonable indication of outcomes achieved unless the service user mix has changed significantly over the usual period for which service is delivered.
  2. Service-related information: This provides information about the services, such as the overall severity of service users who use different services.
  3. Collection completion and validity: This details the completeness of the data set provided by your Mental Health Services. This is important because it indicates how valid and reliable the data sets are likely to be. The less complete the data set, the less valid the information is likely to be.

Download the latest national summary reports below. A set of user guides to match each summary report has also been developed to help you interpret and use the reports.

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