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Engaging with General Practice at GP21

The GP21 conference held August 5-8 was a wonderful opportunity to share with general practitioners (GPs), practice managers and other delegates, the range of our Te Pou and Blueprint work that has a focus on the primary health sector.

Interest in Te Pou and Blueprint stand was high and great connections were established with a range of professionals and groups represented at the event. GP delegates were keen to access a range of Let’s get real resources to gain CME points with particular interest in addiction resources to help GPs respond to these common practice issues. Attendees loved the standard drink glasses and were keen to use them as an educational tool with people they work with and of course taking some for their personal use!

Delegates were interested to hear of Blueprint MH 101® and Addiction 101 workshops to increase the awareness and knowledge for their non-clinical practice staff.

This event provided an invaluable opportunity to connect with GPs who are working with health improvement practitioners and health coaches. We gained excellent feedback about the support these roles can provide to a general practice clinical team by not only offering care to those seeking help, but also by alleviating some of the workload. It offered insightful perspectives to this work with many GPs commenting on the skills this new workforce brought to general practice.

We’re looking forward to expanding the connections that this event has created to further our work in primary health environments.

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