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Support worker grants FAQS

The answers to these frequently asked questions should provide everything you need to know about the Te Pou support workers professional development grants. However, if your question is not answered here, please email

Applying for grants

  • Who can apply?

    People who currently work in a mental health and addiction support worker role in a publicly funded non-government organisation (NGO).

    People must have the support of their organisation to attend the learning activity (a letter of support will be required).

Specifications of available funding

  • The learning activity I want to put in a grant application for doesn’t start for a few months. Would the grant still fund this?

    Yes, as long as the learning activity starts before 31 March 2024.

Types of expenses that can be applied for

  • What costs will the grant cover?

    The grant can be used for:

    • course fees
    • related resources (eg workbooks)
    • a contribution towards travel and accommodation costs.

    The support worker professional development grant does not cover the costs of completing the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (level 4). The training and professional development grant also does not cover the employer back-filling or wages of the applicant.

Grants Portal user account registration and logging in

  • I have registered on the grants portal but I didn’t get a confirmation email

    Once you have signed up on the portal an automated email will be sent to the email address that you used to sign up. If you have not received an email, check your spam or junk mail.

  • I checked my junk and spam mail but still haven’t received a registration email

    Email us at and we will let you know what to do.

  • I have forgotten my username or my password.

    Your username is the email address that you used to register or set-up your account on the grants portal. You can reset your password by going into the portal login page and clicking on the 'Forgot password' link.

  • I’m having trouble logging into my portal account – I am getting an error message that says my username or password is not valid?

    Please check that the username you are entering is the email address that you used to register on the portal. You can reset your password by following the prompt on the login page.

Managing an account

  • Will Te Pou manage my account in the grants portal?

    No, the grants portal is designed to be self-managing for users.

Making an application

  • Is there a paper version of the application that I can complete and email?

    No, applications can only be completed and submitted via the online grants portal.

  • Where can I access the grant application question template?

    We aren't able to provide the application form prior to the round opening. However, an outline of the type of information you will need to provide in your application is provided in these FAQs - see What kind of questions will be asked?

  • What kind of questions will be asked?

    • Information to show you meet the eligibility criteria (e.g. working in a support worker role).
    • Details of the learning activity (course or training programme) you want to complete.
    • Details of the costs associated with the learning activity.
    • Delivery of learning activity (method, location, etc).
    • Confirmation of your organisation’s support to undertake the learning activity if applicable (a support letter will be required).
    • How the learning activity increases your capability to better provide services for Māori and Pacific peoples
    • How the learning activity aligns with the values, attitude and Real Skills of Let’s get real.
  • I understand I need a support letter from my employer, what does this need to include?

    A letter of support should state that your employer supports the application and will release you to attend the learning activity if required. The support letter should come from your manager.

  • What do I do if I experience an issue submitting the required evidence?

    The grants portal will specify what format evidence and documents should be, please ensure you read this carefully. If you continue to experience issues with submitting the required evidence, please email

What happens once my application is submitted?

  • My application is pending on the grants portal. When will I find out the outcome of my application

    You will be notified of the outcome within ten working days of the closing date of 30 November 2023

My application was unsuccessful

  • My application for a grant was unsuccessful, will I get feedback?

    All unsuccessful applicants receive an email notifying them of the outcome. However, we do not provide individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants. The moderation panel decision is full and final.

When things change

  • Can I change the start or finish date of my approved learning activity?

    Possibly. We understand that due to unforeseen circumstances changes to start or completion dates of the learning activity may occur. You will need to email us at to let us know the new dates. We will advise you if the new dates are acceptable.

  • I had to cancel my learning activity.  How should I proceed?

    Please send us an email at to let us know. We will then let you know the next steps.


  • Why do I need to do a report?

    We require all grant recipients to report to us at the end of the learning activity. We use this information to understand how effective the learning activity was and several other measures. We also need to know if all the grant funding was spent.

  • What if I didn’t spend all my grant?

    If you didn’t spend all your grant money, we will require unspent funds to be repaid to us. For example, the learning activity was cancelled or didn’t cost as much as quoted etc. When you complete your final report, we will advise you if any money needs to be returned.

  • When is my report due?

    You need to submit your final report a month after you have completed the learning activity, unless an extension was requested and approved.

  • Where can I see the final reporting template questions?

    Once your grant is active you will be able to see the questions, but you won’t be able to submit your report until after the learning activity is completed. You will have a month after the learning activity is finished to complete the report.

  • Can I get a copy of my submitted grant report?

    Yes, you can download a copy of the report from the portal. Once logged in > completed tab > select the grant the report was completed for > download.


  • How do I get paid?

    Once your application has been approved, you will be notified. You will need to accept or decline your grant. Once accepted, we will pay the funds to you as soon as practicable to your nominated bank account.