Building Disability Confidence in Potential Employers


  1. NZ Disability Action Plan / Person centred outcomes
  2. Increasing employment opportunities
  3. Identifying Priorities
  4. Understanding objections
  5. What is a Fact and what is a "Thought"?
  6. What is disability confidence?
  7. Economic or common sense?
  8. Good for business and good for the staff 
  9. Recruitment suggestions
  10. Why employ a person with a disability
  11. What if it goes wrong?

Approximate cost

$1,800 + GST per full day workshop
Plus relevant lowest travel and accommodation costs.
No restriction on numbers attending.
Save money by joining up with other organisations and sharing the cost.
Venue, projector and screen, whiteboard and photocopying will be provided by the client/organisation.


One day


  • Check with training provider for details
  • Off-site (at training provider or other premises)
  • On-site (at client premises)

Entrance requirements

Working in an organisation providing support for people with a disability.