Leading from the Front, the Middle and the Back (STEM:NZ)

Target group: This workshop is aimed at team leaders/managers of agencies/organisations that provide care or support to disabled or elderly people.

Purpose: The aims of this programme are:

  • to develop a basic leadership philosophy that is appropriate to the individual leaders and to the agency/organisation
  • to facilitate learning of the principles, knowledge and skills required to be a leader
  • to enhance the communication between the leaders, their staff and their clients
  • to make a positive difference through consistent high quality leadership.

Contents (Customised to suit the needs of the organisation):

  • Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Motivational Leadership
  • Quicksand and Leadership
  • A Survival Option
  • The Six Key Skills of Leadership
  • The Skills and Competency Registe
  • Leading from the Front, the Middle and the Bac
  • Sources of Positive Power for Leaders
  • Four Communication Styles
  • Motivation: Wants and Needs
  • The Process of Motivation
  • A Satisfaction Continuum
  • The Puzzle of Contentment
  • What gets rewarded gets done!
  • Developing the Will to Achieve
  • The 5 Stages of attaining the Will to Achieve
  • Setting Goals - The Key to Motivation.

Approximate cost

$2,000.00 + GST per day + travel and accommodation as required


Customised from one to three days duration


  • Check with training provider for details
  • Off-site (at training provider or other premises)
  • On-site (at client premises)

Entrance requirements

Being in a leadership position