Disability grant frequently asked questions

Below are answers to some of the questions we're commonly asked about the disability workforce grants. We have divided these into sections and will add more from time to time. If you can’t find an answer to your question here contact us at disability@tepou.co.nz

  1. Organisation registration and log in
  2. Making an application
  3. Invoice processing
  4. When things change
  5. Reporting 


1. Organisation registration and log in

I have registered on the grants portal but I didn’t get a confirmation email.

Once you have signed up on the portal an automated email will be sent to the email address that you used to sign up. If you have not received an email, check your spam or junk mail. 


I checked my junk and spam mail but still haven’t received a registration email.

Email us at grants@tepou.co.nz and we will let you know what to do.


I am trying to register on the grants portal but it won’t accept my email address. 

The grants portal is only able to accept self-registration from organisations with email addresses that have organisational domains, such as tepou.co.nz. It will not accept self-registration from organisations that use emails from the following domains: gmail, hotmail, ihug, xtra, Vodafone and email domains outside of New Zealand. If your organisation uses one of these domains, you will need to contact grants@tepou.co.nz and we will arrange your registration for you.


I have forgotten my username or my password.

Your username is your email address that you used to register or set-up your account on the portal. You can reset your password by going into the portal login page and clicking on the 'Forgot your password' link.


I am having trouble logging into my portal account – I am getting an error message that says my username or password is not valid?

Please check that the username you are entering is your email address that you used to register on the portal. You can reset your password by following the prompt on the login page.


My organisation is registered on the portal but we can’t submit applications. An error message says we can’t be verified on the grants portal. Why is that?

If your organisation registration is not verified on the portal this may be because you do not meet the eligibility criteria. Your organisation must hold a current Disability Support Service contract with the Ministry of Health or you must be part of the Disabled Peoples Organisation (DPO) coalition. Find out more about our eligibility criteria.


2. Making an application

As part of the DPO coalition we are eligible to access the grants, however the application form asks that we provide a Ministry of Health provider number and a current contract number. We don’t have any of these.

That’s OK - if you are an approved DPO coalition organisation we don’t require these numbers from you. Just put ‘DPO’ in place of these numbers when asked.


Where can I access the grant application question template? 

We are not able to provide the application form prior to the round opening, however, we have provided an outline of the type of information that you will need to provide in your application form. Check what information you may need.


I am not able to upload the participant information Excel spreadsheet for our application. I downloaded the template as prompted and have populated the list, but when I try to upload it I get an error message.

The Excel spreadsheet is an easy way to add participants to your application, particularly when there are many of them. The spreadsheet won’t upload if new columns have been inserted or if the drop downs haven’t been used. Just add the names and use the drops downs to select demographic information.


Why is it mandatory to provide demographic information of participants?

The demographic information about participants is collected for the Ministry of Health in order to identify and report on trends. Individuals are not identified and information is ammonised. For more information about this see the grant terms and conditions.


I have an application that is pending on the grants portal, when will I find out the outcome of my application?

For the consumer leadership development grant and workforce development grant we aim to complete the moderation process and notify you with an outcome within a few weeks from the day the round closes. For training grants you will know within a few working days from the date of submission.


Can we apply for travel and accommodation costs for facilitators coming from overseas?

This will be considered on a case by case basis. We suggest that you provide a rationale for bringing in facilitators from overseas in the learning activity section of your application. You can also provide supporting information about costs in the budget section of your application. 


Can we apply for grants for our staff or consumer and their family and whānau to attend a training or conference that will be run overseas?

Our grants can only support costs of trainings being delivered in New Zealand. Please refer to the eligibility criteria.


3. Invoice processing

I have tried to upload an invoice using the browse system in the portal as instructed but when I submit it comes up with an error message. I have emailed it to the disability inbox. Will you be able to accept it?

Sorry but only invoices uploaded to the grants portal can be accepted. Uploading an invoice to the grants portal is very similar to attaching an invoice to an email. When uploading, browse to that location on your computer where the invoice is saved, select the document, then click upload. If you upload the wrong document don’t worry, you can try again.


Can we invoice for just some of the grant? We are still confirming some of the costs involved. 

We require you to invoice us for the full amount used - but no more than the granted amount. If you end up not spending all of your grant you can tell us later - you may be required to return unused funds.


We have been approved a grant but only need some of the funds now. How much should we invoice?

You can invoice for less than the amount granted, but not more. However, once you have invoiced for less you can’t claim the rest at a later date.


4. When things change

Can we change the start or finish date of our learning activity?

We understand that due to unforeseen circumstances changes to start or completion dates of the learning activity may change. You will need to email us at grants@tepou.co.nz to let us know the new dates. We will advise you if the new dates are acceptable.


We have had to cancel the learning activity. How should we proceed?

Send us an email at grants@tepou.co.nz and tell us. We will then let you know the next steps.


We have been awarded a grant but some of the participants are not able to make the training activity anymore. How do we withdraw these participants and can we replace them with new participants?

Keep a track of who completed the training. After the training is completed you will be sent an email from the grants portal asking you to complete a final report. At that stage you can let us know who completed, who withdrew and, if you need to, you can add additional people.


5. Reporting 

Why do we need to do a report?

The terms and condition of your grant state that we require you to report to us at the end of the learning activity. We use this information to understand how effective the training was and a number of other measures. We also need to know if all of the grant funding was spent. 


When is my report due?

You need to submit your final report a month after the last participant has completed the learning activity -  unless an extension was requested and approved. 


Our report is due but not all participants have completed the learning activity yet. What do we do?

Send us an email at grants@tepou.co.nz and tell us the grant number, the reason for delay and what the expected completion date will be. We will let you know if that is acceptable and of the new reporting date.


Where can I see the final reporting template questions?

Once your grant is active you will be able to see the questions, but you won’t be able to submit your report until after the learning activity is completed. You will have about four weeks to complete the report.