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Communities of Practice for the mātau ā-wheako Consumer, Peer Support and Lived Experience (CPSLE) Workforce

A community of practice is a group of people with common interests, desires and problems in a specific subject area who wish to improve their knowledge and experience by connecting and sharing.

Building communities of practice is one of the 22 actions described in the Consumer, Peer Support and Lived Experience (CPSLE) action plan. This action aims to create workforce communities of practice that facilitate the sharing of information, knowledge and resources to improve individual skills and service development.

This page brings together the progress on this action to date. Here you will find a guide to establishing a CPSLE community of practice, supported by a series of video clips of members and allies sharing their experiences of being part of a local community of practice.

Establishing a community of practice for the mātau ā-wheako CPSLE workforce: A guide

Te Pou has undertaken a number of activities to support this action. A literature scan was undertaken in 2022, which has informed the development of a guide to establishing a community of practice for the mātau ā-wheako CPSLE workforce.

Community of practice for mātau ā-wheako CPSLE workers in the Bay of Plenty

Working in partnership with CPSLE workers and allies, Te Pou has produced a series of short videos to highlight a purposeful community of practice for the CPSLE workforce. The group was established in 2022 by CPSLE workers for CPSLE workers in the Bay of Plenty and named, Convergence. As a founding member, Tarnia McCall, speaks to the establishment of this Convergence as a space for the workforce to come together to share, support and learn from each other.

Tarnia McCall, Hanmer Clinic Tauranga Peer Support Worker

Members of the group speak to its significance as part of the CPSLE workforce, including what sustains the group and the positive experience it has been for them.

Tyson Smith, Mind+ Wellness Advocate
Lisa Kenyon, Junction Peer Support Advocacy Intentional Peer Support Worker

Managers speak about the benefits of Convergence as a place for the CPSLE workforce to come together to learn and grow. They also outline some of the ways they can support their staff and contribute to the sustainability of Convergence.

Jill Knowler, Hanmer Clinic Tauranga Clinic Director
Kurt Yule, Junction Peer Support and Advocacy Team Leader

An ally and supporter of Convergence, Belinda Walker, speaks to the importance and value of communities of practice, and the importance of sustainable resourcing and support for these groups.

Belinda Walker, Te Manawa Taki Te Whatu Ora Workforce and Information Project Lead


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