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NGO workforce development

A road map for non-government mental health and addiction organisations

Te Pou has worked with our colleagues at Platform Trust for a number of years to promote and support the workforce development of people working in community mental health and addiction services.

In 2015, Te Pou and Platform Trust published On Track: Knowing where we are going - which describes some of the different ways that mental health and addiction service providers could accelerate system reform in order to help create the kind of system that New Zealanders want and need. Many of the themes from this have subsequently been reflected in He Ara Oranga: Report into the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction.

Working collaboratively

Strengthening the way in which we work collectively to bring about change across the mental health and addiction system is a key theme in On Track. To better understand how we effectively build both the knowledge and skills for successful collaborations as well as collaborative organisations, Te Pou and Platform Trust have outlined what it takes in an infographic - Collaboration in the mental health and addiction sector. The infographic identifies:

  • the cycle of collaboration – the why, how and what of collaboration
  • the values and behaviours of collaborative workers
  • the values and approaches of a collaborative organisation
  • the collaboration continuum – the relationships and structural characteristics along the collaboration continuum.

The infographic draws on an international literature review - Collaborative capability in the mental health and addiction sector. The review aims to provide clarity and direction for the mental health and addiction sector around collaboration and partnerships. The emphasis is on the development of collaborative capability: across and within communities of people, culture, practice and place. The review considers collaboration through three lenses:

  • citizen engagement
  • collaborative capability
  • technical approaches to partnerships.

Support workforce

Find out more about the support workforce, its place in mental health and addiction services, and the ongoing workforce development required for the people who work in these roles.



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