Guide to PRIMHD Supplementary Consumer Record collection and use

Publication date: 27 July 2018

The collection of social outcome indicators as part of an updated supplementary consumer record (SCR) in PRIMHD - mandatory for all mental health and addiction service (MH&A) referrals.

The updated supplementary consumer record (version 1.3) identifies social and environmental indicators that can impact on a service user’s journey and also allows monitoring of change over time. The first three indicators are accommodation status, employment status, education and training status, and the fourth identifies whether a wellness plan is in place.

The purpose of this guide is to provide MH&A services with a consistent methodology for the collection and use of the SCR data.  This guide also informs funders and planners and the Ministry of Health PRIMHD national collections team. It is not a replacement for the PRIMHD technical documentation or HISO PRIMHD standards but it is intended to support a consistent national approach.  High levels of quality in the SCR data reported to PRIMHD will ensure maximum utility of data in the national collection.

It is understood that DHB and NGO services may collect wellness plan and social outcome indicator data at a much more detailed level.  This guide does not prohibit this granular collection but will serve to ensure that detailed level data can be mapped consistently to meet PRIMHD requirements.

This document should be used in conjunction with the following documents.

PRIMHD standards documentation

NCAMP16 documentation

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