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Te Hikuwai resources for wellbeing: Alcohol/Waipiro

This resource is for people thinking about how alcohol/waipiro affects them and wanting to change their drinking behaviour. It provides some useful suggestions and resources to help get started.

People often start using alcohol in social situations as it can make them feel relaxed, confident, and sociable. Some people might rely on alcohol to cope with difficult situations or emotions.

Alcohol in any amount affects people’s wellbeing. It slows down reflexes and coordination and makes it hard to concentrate. Drinking alcohol too much or too often, along with its after-effects, like hangovers and blackouts, can leave people feeling guilty/kaniawhea, anxious/manawāpa, sad/matapōuri or irritable/āritarita.

After a while, people may start relying on alcohol to make themselves feel better. This can make things worse or create new problems. This may include social problems like issues with whānau or relationships, work/mahi, study or finances. In turn, drinking may be used to cope with these problems.

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