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Te Hikuwai resources for wellbeing: Sleep/Moe

This resource is for people wanting to improve their sleep/moe. It includes information on other resources and support available.

While medication can be used to treat insomnia, it is generally only effective for short-term use. Ongoing use of medication can lead to dependence and poor-quality sleep. You may sleep for longer but not wake refreshed. It is important to talk to your GP about the best course of action for your situation, especially if your poor sleep continues. Long-term insomnia or sleep apnoea can impact mental and physical wellbeing. The following approaches and strategies can make a difference whether medication is used or not.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is NOT a substitute for proper diagnosis, treatment or the provision of advice by an appropriate health professional.
If you are seeking diagnosis or treatment, you should consult a GP or mental health professional.

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