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Meaningful mahi: changing perceptions about disability support work

The disability support workforce is ageing, and doesn’t always reflect the diversity of the communities it serves. Finding support workers is hard - for service providers, and disabled people. That’s because there are many misunderstandings around disability, and what supporting disabled people really looks like.

The ‘Meaningful Mahi’ Campaign

To address this challenge, Te Pou has created an exciting multimedia campaign that tells new stories about disabled people - and disability support work - to inspire a new generation of diverse young people to explore this opportunity. This campaign speaks to young people, especially Māori and Pasifika young people, and
presents disability support work in a fresh, exciting way. Particular attention has been given to ensuring diverse representation across the campaign talent.

Who’s involved?

The Meaningful Mahi campaign is led by Te Pou. It features three spectacular real-life ‘support work matches’, each diverse pair made up of a disabled person and someone who supports them to live a great life. These matches are profiled in the campaign through stories about their unique connections, stunning photography, and an ‘FAQ’ video section. The campaign is also supported by a number of disability service providers, including CCS Disability Action, Spectrum Care, and Te Roopu Taurima.

How can I see it?

The Meaningful Mahi campaign will run for four weeks, from Monday 28 June - Sunday 25 July. It will come to life on poster sites across south Auckland, a range of Facebook and Instagram content, and through the campaign website -

How will we know if the campaign is successful?

The campaign will be supported by an evaluation process to measure its success. Most importantly, we’ll be capturing robust data around the ways in which audiences engage with the Meaningful Mahi campaign. This will include:

  • Social media ad impressions, and click-through rates
  • Visits to the campaign website

Of the people that visit the website, we’ll also be looking to evaluate:

  • Time spent on site
  • Content that is most popular
  • Click-through rates to job sites

Some examples of the campaign are included below. Find out more at

Social Square6
Social Square7
Social Square8