Making a difference with data

Build your knowledge and skills around data and information

The four booklets in the resources section below can be used to build your knowledge and skills around data and information.

Designed for novice users of data and information, this series may be useful to train people new to the collection and use of data and information. The aim is to embed a basic knowledge, then hone understanding of how and why data, and the information it provides, is of use in everyday practice and at an organisational level. The four booklets allow learning to be ‘chunked’ into manageable pieces.

The booklets are:

  1. Data and information: The basics
  2. Data and information use – ethnicity 
  3. Collecting data and using information well
  4. Using data and information at different levels

The following animated video explains some of the history of outcome measurement in mental health, addictions and wellbeing, and why it's important.