More than numbers workforce data

Profiling the New Zealand adult mental health and addiction workforce over time

The More than numbers project aims to gather and share information about the workforce delivering mental health and addiction services to adults (people aged 18-20 and older).

In 2014, the 2014 More than numbers organisation workforce survey collected information about the workforce in DHBs and NGOs. 

Since 2014, the information available about the mental health and addiction workforce has changed, particularly for DHB mental health and addiction employees, who can now be identified within the Health Workforce Information Programme (HWIP).

In 2018, the More than numbers project will include a range of activities bringing together information from different sources. These activities will include:

  • a survey of NGOs delivering adult mental health and addiction services, identifying workforce size, composition, and location
  • an extract of information from the HWIP dataset for DHB mental health and addiction employees, to determine the DHB workforce size, composition, demographic and service profile, by region 
  • analysis of the dataset emerging from the anticipated NGO mental health and addiction support workers pay equity settlement to determine the demographic profile, qualifications and length of service for this workforce
  • utilisation of information from the refreshed Let’s get real: Real Skills online assessment tool (2019), to determine workforce development needs.