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Tool for educators: Access resources

Use Let's get real education and training resources to enhance health workforce learning outcomes

Resources to support education and learning using Let’s get real

Let's get real can be used to inform the design and development of new health education or training programmes or for reviewing current programmes. The following sections can provide a useful guide to systematically examine how your health education or training programme aligns with Let's get real or to strengthen alignment to desired learning outcomes where needed.

Use the sections below to quickly access resources to support educating and training using the components of Let's get real.

Use the language of Let’s get real Include Let’s get real values and attitudes in the learning experience
Real Language, Real Hope: a concise resource packed with examples, highlighting the impact that words we choose can have on our own attitudes as well as on those around us. Values informed approaches

Let's get real Values and attitudes

Engagement essentials

Language Matters: a poster you can display in your education or training space. The poster provides person-centric language options to use when discussing addiction. Values in action workshop - facilitator guide

Let's get real Values posters

Let's get real Values cards

Te Reo Hāpai: The Language of Enrichment: an up to date reference of Māori language used in the mental health, addiction and disability sectors. Values in action - planning for implementation template

Values in action resources

Values in action - workshop PowerPoint

Apply the Let’s get real seven Real Skills Involve different perspectives in the design and delivery of health education and training
Seven real skills

Working with people experiencing mental health and addiction needs options to use when discussing addiction.

Engagement essentials
Working with Māori

Working with whānau

Mental health stigma reduction guidelines from Changing Minds aim to reduce the stigma and discrimination faced by those who have experienced mental health issues.
Working with communities

Challenging discrimination

Discrimination: "What you do makes the difference" is a short resource from Like Minds Like Mine that raises awareness of ways to reduce discrimination.
Applying law, policy and standards

Maintaining professional and personal development

Understanding bias in health care by the Health Quality & Safety Commission. The series of three online learning modules has been endorsed by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners for professional development points.

Connect with other health educators and trainers

Connect and share

Click below to access a space for health educators and trainers to share ideas and strategies for integrating Let's get real to their learning programme.

Get in touch – our team is here to help you integrate Let’s get real into your health workforce education and training

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